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Bat Squad! Inspiring Kid Conservationists!

You don’t have to be an adult to help our bats! We have eight inspirational kids excited to share their stories of getting involved in bat conservation. The Bat Squad! webcast series will launch on Tuesday October 25th with the first of four 15-minute educational episodes streaming live online! Teachers check out the matching classroom activities!

Bat Pull

During Bat Week, we invite you to host an invasive plant pull to help improve habitat and food for bats and other wildlife. Bats need to eat lots of different insects to stay healthy. Native plants support a huge variety of yummy insects; invasive plants don't. By hosting a “Pulling for Bats” event, you can keep your weed warriors engaged this fall and help out bats

Get Batty in New York

Things are afoot in the Big Apple! Bat Week is coming to Central Park. More details coming soon!