Bat Week Communications Toolkit

English and Spanish Resources

Help us Spread the importance of Bat Week

Want to tell others about the importance of bats and Bat Week, but you don’t have time to develop your own resources? Well, we have done the work for you! Below you will find a couple of wonderful tools that can be used to help spread the word about bats.

Our Bat Week 2016 Communications Toolkit includes talking points about Bat Week, bats, and the importance of bats. It also includes personal actions and family friendly actions that you can take to help protect our bats. We’ve even included Social media tools such as sample tweets, hashtags, and graphics that you can use to reach even more people. And, thanks to our wonderful partners, these resources have been translated to Spanish.

Do you want to pledge to start helping bats in your own backyard, neighborhood, or community during Bat Week? You can use our pledge card to start taking action today. Post your completed pledge in a place where you and your family can see it every day. You can be a hero to our bats!

Bat Week Communications Toolkit (English) - Download

Bat Week Communications Toolkit (Spanish) - Download

Take Action for Bats Pledge Card (English) - Download

Take Action for Bats Pledge Card (Spanish) - Download

While it is easy to get caught up in the mystery and fear that surround bats, the truth about bats is that they are fascinating animals that are vital for a healthy environment and economy. If we set superstitions and Hollywood notions aside, we’ll find that we need bats, and bats need us--now more than ever. White-Nose Syndrome has killed over 6 million bats in just six years in North America and it is continuing to spread. Learn more in this short film, Battle for Bats: Surviving White- Nose Syndrome.

Watch Battle for Bats in English – here

Watch Battle for Bats in Spanish – here