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Archive for December 2017

Let Us Help You Plan: A Free Webinar!

Just for you, we have put together a webinar called, “Go to Bat for Bats: Planning for Bat Week 2017.” We’ll share a ton of great tools that you can use to have an amazing Bat Week Celebration. Rob Mies of the Organization for Bat Conservation and Sandy Frost with the Forest Service will share…

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Host a Celebration Event

We love a good party, and we are willing to bet that you do too. This year, we want you to host a Bat Week Party or other special event to get others excited about bats. You can feature bat-themed games, foods and drinks that are made possible by bats, and/or costume contests, – anything…

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Host an Action Event

Sometimes you just want to do something! Create an event that gets people to take action during bat week. Some examples include building bat boxes, pulling weeds, or planting native vegetation that attracts bats. We’ll provide you with information and plans for activities in our tool kit! Remember to email all of your friends and…

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