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BAT WEEK OCTOBER 24 - 31, 2019

Bat Week is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature


Teach and Learn

Teaching others about bats is rewarding. If you are a teacher, you can incorporate these activities and information into your lessons. As a bat enthusiast, you can visit a school classroom or set up a table at a local event, or host a bat festival. Bat Week provides you with PDF’s to print and share, kid activities, and other ideas on this website. You can study and celebrate bats at any time of the year. And remember to share your love of bats with friends and family through social media. We want everyone to learn about the wonder of bats! You can be creative. You can be involved. You can be a Bat Hero!

Bat Week Cookbook

A cookbook of goodies & treats made with bat-dependent ingredients.

All About Bats

Read about the truths and myths of bats. For more information about bats visit

Natural History of Bats

Use this information to determine how best to help different populations.

The Benefits of Bats

Insect control, pollination, and seed dispersal are just some of the ways bats help our ecosystems.

Threats to Bats

White-nose syndrome (WNS) is a disease affecting hibernating bats across the United States and Canada.

Gardening for Bats

With natural habitats declining, bats need all of us to use available green spaces to give them the food, water, and shelter they need.

Bat Week Powerpoint

Powerpoint presentation on why bats are important to our ecosystem.

View a Live Presentation

Get to Know the Faces of Bat Week

The Bat Brigade Comic Book

Read our exciting coming book on the Bat Brigade.

Youth and Student Actions

Would you like to be a “bat Hero” and make a difference for bats in your area and all over the world?
  • Start a bat or nature club.
  • Contribute your art, poetry, and essays to conservation organizations.
  • Make a video about how wonderful bats are.
  • Ask your teacher to teach about bats.
  • Plant a garden for bats (that attracts yummy insects).
  • Ask for a bat-themed birthday party.
  • Study your personal habitat and help keep it clean and green.
  • Go outside.  Look for bats flying in the sky at sunset.  See them at work, catching insects.
  • Share that you care. Just telling people that you think bats are cool is a huge help!